Welcome to HEL Studios,
a BDSM dungeon in Riga, Latvia.

About HEL

The name HEL originates from Norse Mythology, where the daughter of Loki, the goddess Hel, guardian of the graves, ruled over the spirits of those who died ingloriously. The dominion of Hel was said to be found in Niflheim, the world of the darkness and last of the nine realms.

In the Matrix films, Club Hel was a fetish nightclub located in a basement and run by a ruthless and powerful elder. The club was a refuge for exiles, deviants, goths, punks, vampires, lupines and supernatural beings.

Here in Riga, HEL is a BDSM dungeon presided over by Flame Hel.

The HEL Studios Dungeon

At the Hel Studios dungeon in Central Riga, Flame Hel hosts a variety of different fetish parties and events, including play parties, slave auctions, domination and submission workshops, shibari training and private play sessions. While a small number of these events are open to the public, the most interesting events are always private and invitation only.

The HEL Studios dungeon includes several guest rooms and play-spaces which are available for rent. Customized abduction scenarios, slave training scenarios and various other fantasies can also be arranged.

HEL Studios

Hel Studios is a 200sqm (2150sqft) photography and film studio located in Central Riga, Latvia. Not your boring traditional studio, HEL Studios is a fully functional BDSM dungeon catering specifically to those who wish to produce authentic fetish films and photography. Complimenting the 45sqm (480sqft) main studio space, there are various rooms available for rent including a dedicated makeup-room, green-room, bedroom set, living-room set and bathroom set. Rooms can be rented for film, video, photography and live webcam shows.

Various lighting, sound, photography and film equipment is available also for hire, along with a range of interesting props.


Photography by Flame Hel

If you're looking for portrait photography that is a little more risqué... or even a lot more risqué, internationally published photographer Flame Hel can be booked to shoot you either at HEL Studios or on location almost anywhere in the world. You can see samples of Flames photography at acidsnowflake.com

Flame Hel

Flame Hel is a professional Dominant, slave trainer, dungeon Master and shibari enthusiast. Originally from Australia, Flame has been active in the fetish scene for over 15 years and has been involved in the BDSM community in Tokyo, New York, London, Berlin, and many other places around the world. Flame currently resides in Riga, Latvia where he has a dungeon in which he runs fetish parties, workshops, training and private sessions.